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Daniel M. Garcia - Advocate for Justice

Compliance Lawyer

Carl Engstrand - Championing Plaintiffs' Rights with Stellar Results

Managing Attorney

Since 2013, Carl has been a steadfast advocate for injured plaintiffs, dedicating his entire career to personal injury law on behalf of the plaintiffs. Graduating with a B.A. from the University of Arizona in 2008 and a J.D. from the University of the District of Columbia in 2013, Carl embarked on his journey of building and winning personal injury cases in Maricopa County, Arizona, where he continues to excel.

From the onset, Carl demonstrated his ability to scale a law firm’s legal services revenue model across multiple markets and branded products. Along the way, he achieved remarkable milestones, including resolving several seven-figure cases. Carl’s versatility extended beyond legal expertise, as he handled diverse responsibilities such as licensing, Human Resources, business development, product management, cash flow management, and team morale management. He was even involved in assembling office furniture, albeit with the occasional mishap. Breaking just one desk is a testament to his determination and resourcefulness.

However, as Carl experienced significant growth and success, he realized that the firm he had built no longer reflected his original vision. This realization prompted him to make a pivotal decision, transitioning from a high-overhead law practice to a boutique solo firm. By doing so, Carl regained the freedom to focus on curating a select caseload while delivering exceptional results for his clients.

Carl’s unwavering commitment to his clients and his ability to adapt to changing circumstances distinguish him as a legal professional of utmost integrity and effectiveness. With Carl as your advocate, you can trust that he will go above and beyond to champion your rights and tirelessly pursue the best possible outcomes.

Richard DePonte - 30 Years of Proven Advocacy in Personal Injury Law

Richard DePonte is a seasoned professional with an impressive 30-year career in the field of personal injury law. With a license dating back to 1987, Mr. DePonte has a wealth of experience in handling every facet of personal injury cases, demonstrating his expertise from the inception to the conclusion of each case. Beyond his legal prowess, Mr. DePonte’s passion for adventure and travel shines through. Together with his wife Donna, he is an enthusiastic explorer, and he approaches each case with the same adventurous spirit. This unique perspective allows him to craft compelling and distinctive narratives tailored to his clients’ individual circumstances, ensuring they receive the personalized attention and representation they deserve.

Austin Majors - Executive Director National Injury Attorneys.

Executive Director

Phil Jackson - Senior Case Manager Extraordinaire

Senior Case Manager

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Case Manager and Co-Counsel Expert

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Mike Branstetter - Director of Co-Counsel National Injury Attorneys.

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Brianna Majors - Aspiring Advocate for Environmental Justice